A timeless classic! Channel letters with exposed neon tubes have been decorating cities around the globe for decades. They are a real eye catcher against the monotonous LED-dominated adverts that litter the landscape. Lit-up neon letters look great on the facade of a restaurant, bar or nightclub, making it easy for your clients to find the right place and step right in.

On exposed-tube neon channel letters, the tubes are mounted on a three-dimensional letter body. A neon tube that follows the centerline or outline of a letter will give it an exclusive look that can never be achieved through regular advertising technologies. The bodies of the letter are manufactured from sheet aluminium using CNC machines, and coated with weatherproof powder paint. All power connections and electronic devices are installed inside the body of the sign, giving the advert a clean and tidy look.

To facilitate the installation, the neon letters are usually mounted on installation rails that are painted in the same hue as the background. In easily accessible locations, face of channel letters can be equipped with optional clear acrylic glass to protect the neon tubes from damage.