Neon tubes on a base – this type of advert contains neon tubes that are mounted on a base that can be made of various materials and shaped as needed. If the advert is to be used outdoors, it has a three-dimensional body containing the power devices, neon tube electrodes and power connections. If it is for an indoor environment, a flat base will do.

The base can be made of a wide variety of materials: sheet aluminium, composite, acrylic glass, etc. It may even be made of wood, with a background picture placed behind the neon tubes, e.g. in the form of a sticker. To make it more vandalism-proof, a transparent protective front can be added to these adverts.

Neon signs with neon tubes placed on a transparent acrylic base are often used indoors. They are similar to neon tubes on frames; except that the metal frame has been replaced by a transparent or tinted Plexiglas. This protects the tubes from whatever is behind them, e.g. when you want to hang the sign on an internal window, in a place accessible to customers.
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